“Luminous” for solo cello Maya Fridman player

“Obsession” sonata for solo viola (II° and III° mov.) Brett Deubner player

“At world’s end” for sax soprano and string quintet, Mario Ciaccio soloist

“Requiem for a solo cello” Luca Pincini player

“The seven last words of Christ” Dennis Krasnokutsky (viola) and Maja Rajkovich (piano)

“Free” Luca Pincini (cello) and Gilda Buttà (piano)

“Seduction Games” for Strings Orchestra, Harp and Timpani, Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra

“Dancing in the clouds” for Harp and Strings

“Il vento e la rosa” for Piano, Violin and Cello

“The End” soundtrack for Orchestra and Electronics

“In solitude” preview soundtrack for Orchestra

“My waltz” for orchestra